Why are you trying so hard to get people to like animals?

Animals amaze me each and every day, but I understand that learning about them — and even liking them — isn’t everyone’s game. That’s okay! The point I would like to make is that it is possible to appreciate each and every life, whether you really “care” about them or not. We are all here together, why not let ourselves be amazed once in a while. So, it is not that I am trying to get people to like animals (well, maybe a little), but I am trying to share my passion for them to encourage other people to see the beauty and utter awesomeness that the animal kingdom holds.

You’re a cat person, aren’t you?

Yes. But I am also a dog person, a macaw person, a guinea pig person, and pretty much an everything person.

Are there any animals you don’t like?

I’m not a huge fan of fleas because my dog had them once and I could tell she was not happy about it. I still respect fleas for their survival skills, though.

You talk about Desmond a lot.

Great question! 🙂 If you had a blind super-cat, you would talk about him a lot, too. Meow!

What are you studying and how did that lead you here?

I am currently working on my undergraduate degree, a double major in English and Interpersonal Communication. You read that correctly, there is nothing in my choice of studies about animals. What is that about? Well, I have had a huge passion my entire life to study animals. I wanted to be a veterinarian from the time I was brought into this world until high school. I did a job shadow at a local vet’s office and realized that I cannot remove myself enough from emotional situations to pursue that kind of career. So here I am now, about to graduate with two art degrees, but still feeling that drive to work with and learn about animals. That’s when I decided I could start a blog and combine all of my passions into one place! Here, I can share my excitement about animals with other people through writing! It’s the tri-fecta!


What do you think?

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