An Encouraging Day


I posted a picture of Desmond to the Black Cat Appreciation Page on Facebook, and people have been so incredibly supportive of my little blind cat. In honor of him and of all the kind-hearted souls out there who took a minute of their day to appreciate a stranger’s cat, thought I would share some more photos of my little sweetheart.

In these pictures, you can see him doing all of his favorite things: wrestling his (second) favorite toy called “Dragon,” snuggling, listening to the “water birds” in the sink, playing in a crinkly paper bag, and licking a tiny treat of whipped cream off of his nose.


Desmond’s First Snow


In unheard of news, my university was closed for its third snow day in two weeks today. I was looking through some old photos and came across some pictures I took when I first introduced my blind cat, Desmond, to snow in 2011. He hadn’t even had his surgery yet – he was barely six months old – so you can see his little undeveloped eye tissues in one of the photos.

I brought a big mixing bowl full of it into my room and Des sniffed it for at least five minutes before he licked it, then finally stuck his paws in it. He figures things out in steps, just like a baby: sniff it, touch it, taste it. Well, it didn’t taste that amazing, and it was super cold, so once Des figured that out, he stopped being interested. He has that “Great…so what am I supposed to do with this?” look going on in the third photo. Smarty pants.



DesmondI love all of the critters of this globe, but there is perhaps one that I have put on a pedestal about all others, and that is my little rescue cat, Desmond. I found him when he was 2.5 weeks old abandoned on a bypass near my home. He had a tumor in his ear, severe eye infections, and was covered in ear mites, fleas, you-name-it. The vet prepared me for bad news, but after a ton of medicine, multiple surgeries, and lots of snuggling, he turned into a healthy, though blind, fat housecat. He is totally loveable, rambunctious, and views everything as an adventure. The way he runs and jumps around on the furniture, sometimes I forget that he doesn’t even have eyes. Desmond is a trooper and a real inspiration. You’ll be hearing a lot about him.

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