About Me


Hello and welcome to Kyrieosity!

My name is Kyrie Bair and I am a friend and advocate for all creatures furry, scaly, rubbery, and wrinkly. I love adventure and the curiosity that drives it, and I love the spark that ignites in people’s eyes when they are talking about what they really love.

I live in the gorgeous Sunflower State, and am the proud momma of a blind, short-haired cat named Desmond. With college graduation right around the corner, I’m dealing with a lot of changes right now, but the one thing that has always remained constant in my life is my passion for animals. I have spent the last twenty-some years sneaking through streams after multi-legged insects, clambering up rock walls and trees for moss samples, and picking up, petting, and learning about every animal with whom I come into contact. I don’t know where or when this passion started; I can only assume that I have spent multiple past lives inhabiting less-human bodies than the one I have now. Sounds logical to me.

I see this blog as my opportunity to share this deep-seated love with anyone who is willing to listen or read. The best advice I have ever heard is to do “what makes you feel alive.” Most people wait until they are financially stable or thinner or less busy to get started on their dreams. I say, why over-complicate it and why not start now? Animals and all of their unique anomalies are what make me feel alive; they are my spark.

Tell me about yours.


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